Am I buying from a folding/sliding door specialist?

Yes you are, we do not make any other aluminium products. So our staff and our fabricators have dedicated knowledge of our doors, and our factory and machines are tailored to making our aluminium doors exclusively.

How are you competitive against lesser systems?

When you deal with Scottish Bifold doors, you buy direct from the manufacturers and none of the cost will be pocketed by salesmen, because we don’t have any. This way although our bi-fold doors are at the high end of the market and therefore more expensive to produce, we are able to compete against the many companies who buy cheaper bi-fold systems, as they add their cut onto their customers bill.

What’s the difference between your doors and other systems?

As a Scottish company making bi-fold doors to be installed in Scotland we produce our doors to withstand our country’s weather conditions (that’s right – wind and rain!). You reap the benefits of a bi-fold door in a warm sunny day, but with our doors you can be sure when it’s blowing a gale and pouring you will be snug inside with draught-free doors. We manufacture all our doors in the market leader in aluminium bi-fold doors – the German Schuco system. Their aluminium extrusions allow us to fit multiple high performing seals, and we also fit an additional optional seal as standard on all our doors. Furthermore, this system is able to accommodate door leafs up to 1.2m wide and 2.5m high. The vast majority of our Scottish competitors’ doors are made in England to suit more southern climates.

Why do other companies not make their own Bi-fold doors?

Most companies that claim to be specialist bifold door suppliers are mass producing uPVC and aluminium windows and doors. These are quick to make and have much less components. The extra cost of training staff, investing in tooling and machinery and space requirements to make the occasional bi-fold door means it is a better option is to buy the doors, or become a Scottish agent for the English parent company. This way the doors get delivered to them, sit in their factory and they can pass on their “middle man” fee to you, the consumer.

Are Bi-fold doors easy to operate?

Our folding/sliding doors are very easy to operate. By using 4 super smooth stainless steel bearing rollers that glide on 2 tracks simultaneously, they will fold open or closed with little or no effort, even on very large door leaf sizes.

What are your payment terms?

We ask for a 20% deposit when placing an order, this will secure a date for manufacture and installation. A further 60% is required 3 days prior to the installation date with the remaining 20% balance payable upon our completion. For supply only jobs a deposit of 20% is required with the remaining balance paid 3 days prior to delivery.