Why Choose Us

So, you have decided that an aluminium bi-fold door is the one for you (good choice!). Now you just need to decide which company you can put your money and trust in. After all it is a substantial investment that you hope will benefit you for decades to come – but what about the different systems that are available, with each one claiming to be the best. How do you make sure you get this decision right?

You could opt for one of the many “middle man” companies in Scotland (there are plenty to choose from). Companies who buy their doors from an English manufacturer and mark them up to earn their cut before selling them on to you, or who will send someone out with limited knowledge of the product if operational problems occur.

Or, you could choose to put your trust in a company that makes their own bi-fold doors in Scotland, specifically with our Scottish climate in mind. A company that manufactures arguably the best bi fold door system on the market – the German Schuco system – yet remains competitive against lesser systems due to the fact our customers are buying directly from the manufacturers, bypassing any third party companies or salesmen.

This is the way we have always done our business, both homeowner and trade, for over 20 years.

More peace of mind that comes from dealing with Scottish Bifold Doors means that if any operational problems do arise, an expert engineer who actually makes the product and knows it inside out will be on-site to quickly rectify any issues.